What do we do

keep our customers

Keeping our Customers Protected

We help people in carrying on with their lives without any stress by providing them with peace of mind by making insurance easy, straightforward and fair.

One of the biggest strengths across the group is our customers are at the centre of our heart.

create value

Create Value

We have a diverse and innovative approach to things which helps us create unique propositions, distinctive distribution methods, and great products.

Our end-to-end value chain enables our customers and business partners to benefit from this bespoke approach and leverage that benefit for great service delivery and solutions.


Our strategy

Our vision of making insurance an easy, embracing, and positive force in the world ensures our customers are always at the forefront of what we do. To be able to continuously improve our proposition to our customers we have to have an innovative and progressive culture. To never settle for the status quo allows C&C Group to push boundaries and grow into new sectors and services. We feel we have to constantly change to thrive in today’s world.



Asurit Limited was established in 1993 to deliver on our pioneering vision of helping businesses by enabling them to offer truly suitable and innovative insurance services.


As a derivative of our values, in 2000 we were one of the first companies, in the UK, to introduce online price comparison services.


In November 2010 the Government launched its campaign to go digital. Smart-Sat was founded in December, in London, to complement this campaign by providing protection for household digital equipment.


In 2011 we created Smart-Sure Ltd and further evolved our services by providing complete insurance administration in-house.


June 2013 – In the first of the group's acquisitions, U-Protect's customer database was acquired. Smart-Cover took over the customers' maintenance contract.


June 2013 - U-Protect’s customer database was acquired. Smart-Cover took over the customers' maintenance contract.


In 2014, we publicly adopted two charters with the Alzheimer’s Society, namely the Financial Services Charter and the Technical Assistance Charter. We were one of the first of our size in the UK to do so, this was acknowledged by the FCA.


In 2016, Asurit purchased the customer bases of four well established businesses, including a London City MGA, to further enhance our market share.


Within the Customer Service department, our “One-Call-One- Solution” strategy brought together all of our existing policies and, following a review in August 2016, paved the way for the development of the Smart-Care process flow.


In 2018 City and Commercial Insurance Company (Guernsey) was acquired and the C&C insurance group formed.


Added School Staff Absence and Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses in our portfolio


In 2020 we acquired Risk Alliance Direct from the Accelerant Group. C&C International and Risk Alliance Solutions were formed


In 2021 C&C Insurance Company (Seychelles) was formed and Product Guard was acquired.


In 2022 Assuranty Nationwide and Reddbox were acquired.

Our Values

Commited to Customers Commited to Customers
Commitment to Customers
Daring to be Different Daring to be Different
Daring to be Different
Be Curious Be Curious
Be Curious
Collaborate to Success Collaborate to Success
Collaborate to Success

Commitment to Customers

We are nothing without our customers. Everything we do should be with them in mind.

Commitment to Customers

Daring to be Different

C&C Group is not like other groups of companies and we don’t want to be. We like to question existing solutions, think in unconventional ways, experiment and dare to make mistakes – always for a good reason.

Daring to be Different

Be Curious

We’re keen to learn and share industry knowledge – asking questions, challenging conventions and refusing to rest on our laurels.

Be Curious

Collaborate to Success

Working together, we achieve more. Be those internal or external relationships, working in collaboration ensures results!

Collaborate to Success